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Milan’s entertainment scene has long been buzzing with hot new acts and talent. Matteo Campese is one such up and coming artist to look out for in the coolest of European cities and I had the chance to catch up with him on an exclusive shoot for UN.radio.
Hanging out on the roof of Duomo, the most beautiful building in Milan’s city centre with storm clouds overhead set the moody backdrop for our meeting; Matteo was a great companion for the day, wandering around the city and talking all things TV, radio and comedy stand up.
It’s a tough market out there – hot on the heels of its British and American counterparts, Italy’s entertainment scene is becoming more and more difficult to break into and Matteo was quick to tell me that while TV and radio are combining more and more it is far harder to withstand the rounds of gruelling auditions and being in the right place at the right time is looking frequently less and less likely. “If you’re shit,” he says, “admit it. This is not the right market for you to be in.” Harsh words maybe but he says them with a grin and perhaps he has a point. Not to be the bearer of bad tidings but today you HAVE to be good to get anywhere. It’s not just about who you know anymore, even here in Italy.
So what sets Matteo apart from the rest?
Well, he’s a quirky, easy going and instantly likeable character – all facets which secured him in his Arts and Communications professor’s mind as having that most difficult of natures to pinpoint; the charisma, the je ne sais quoi; in short, the X factor. This certain special something thrust him fully in the spotlight at the age of 25 hosting TV shows such as Plug in, UP and his own personal favourite Rock around the Click. He was known for interviewing fellow Italian celebs and, thanks to his fluent command of English, international superstars such as Skunk Anansie.
He has since migrated more and more towards radio where he is now the well liked and highly regarded presenter of his own show “Italian Story” on Italian Style Radio, with thousands of listeners worldwide.
His main ambition with the show is modestly “to make people smile” and his infectious good humour can be heard ringing out in his laughing and light-hearted banter. Even if you don’t understand Italian, it’s easy to hear that this man enjoys what he does. He lives and breathes entertainment and loves his fortnightly forays into comedy stand up where he regales the place with anecdotal tales sending gales of laughter through the crowds. He lights up with the adrenaline and buzz from the audience reaction.
No doubt about it, Matteo has IT. And in the future? More radio, more interviews, more comedy, more photo shoots, more smiles and more laughter. Life’s not too bad for Signor Campese and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better.

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