Hannah is a freelance photographer and writer from the northwest of England who has lived and photographed all over the world including Tokyo, New York, Cape Town, the Himalayas and Milan. Currently based in London she has a regular feature in a British womens' magazine where she writes and photographs all about the vintage scene in and around Europe. Specialising in documentary and travel photography, with a growing interest in fashion photography, Hannah is driven by a passion passed onto her by her grandfather, the well known and highly regarded press photographer, Alf Markey.

Hannah's most recent work includes her portfolio for Vogue Italia and she has recently held two public exhibitions in a gallery in Milan.

She has photographed commisions for arts festivals, private businesses and record covers and photography for videos for various artists.

Her photographs have been exhibited in New York, Miami and Paris as part of the Creatives Rising community and she has also been chosen to be exhibited in the Louvre in the EXPOSURE exhibition.

Hannah has achieved a distinction in Specialist Photography and Presentation.