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I needed a photographer for an arts event created and produced by my theatre company, Dangerous Times. The acts were very diverse and called for a photographer who could capture their unique and playful moments, whilst also being able to keep up technically with the live action, producing clear and evocative photos.
The photos which Hannah sent me were exactly what I wanted. I hadn't given any real direction, but the results were instinctive and truly distilled the ambience of the night.
I can highly recommend Hannah Shillito Photography.
Julie Burrow, Dangerous Times Theatre Company Director

Hannah, I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful photos you created for my forthcoming album; all of my friends have commented on how you managed to capture so much of my personality in each and every shot. You made me feel so at ease and comfortable enough to be myself (rather than just posing!), throughout the whole experience. I LOVE each and every picture. You are a really talented lady - keep up the fab work and thanks again.

Tanya Marie Woods - star of the "Holding Out" record cover shoot

I think your website is amazing and the photographs are fantastic. Inspiring, in fact.
Love from CE Shepherd, Chester
Hannah, thank you so much for the superb photos you have taken at Grandad's 90th. Everyone has said how at ease and relaxed you made them feel and I think the photos speak for themselves as you captured our wonderful family occasion! So many memories have been caught today and will be treasured for a long time to come! Thank you so much! 
Helen Lavelle, Lytham
An exciting, appealing and very distinctive view of the world. A delight to view.
A Barnett, Lytham
Hannah's approach to photography is perfect. She blends in effortlessly so that those being photographed are relaxed and happy. Her photos are therefore wonderfully natural, which particularly works well with children. She works very hard on a shoot, to ensure that more than enough photos are taken and that there is a great range and variety. I would recommend her highly and find her prices very reasonable.
Ruth Amin, Manchester
I always enjoy seeing the world through your lens!
Aline Urbaenk, Amsterdam